Cloud9 Dry Cleaner & Laundry

​​​How does it work?

We will come to your home two times a week and retrieve any garments that you want to be professionally cleaned.  

Depending on your pickup day your clothes will be returned on your specified delivery day.  

If no one will be home during the day, just leave the order outside your front door, or in another designated place.  

On your next scheduled delivery day, which is generally the third following day, your clothes will arrive at your doorstep,

freshly pressed and ready to wear. 

- Cloud 9 dry cleaning pickup and delivery service will give you a bag with a tag that has your name, cleaning preferences, etc.
- Drop off bags will be placed wherever is best for you.  

  We can even provide you with a wreath hanger or hook that can go over your door to make drop off simple.
- Customers do not need to be home for this service.  

   Just leave the bag where you feel comfortable and the driver will pick it up and deliver it the following service day.
- Billing- Each customer fills out a sign-up form that allows us for simple processing.  You can even hand a check to your driver once a month.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I have a problem or question?
You will be provided your drivers cell phone number who will answer any of your questions or problems.

Is there a minimum weekly requirement?
Right now there are no minimum requirements however if you are infrequent user we may ask you to become a will call customer.  

A will call customers can simply call in when they need a pickup.
If I have a special request for a particular garment how will you know?
If you have a special request simply write it on a piece of paper and include it inside your pickup bag.  

How will I be charged for my services?
Upon signing up we will place your chosen credit card on file and you will be automatically be charged once a month.  

Cloud 9 Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery

*Hassle-free dry cleaning                           *Twice a week service

*One less errand for you                             *Simplify your life

*No need to be home                                   *Guaranteed satisfaction