Cloud9 Dry Cleaner & Laundry

​Dry Cleaning

We have the fabric care knowledge to protect your garments that you have invested in.  We work to remove stubborn stains and odors from silks to cottons and our process leaves them smelling fresh.

Wedding Dress

Preservation and boxing


At Cloud 9 Cleaners....

​FREE Pickup & Delivery
At cloud 9 cleaning we provide FREE Pickup & Delivery directly to your home.Type your paragraph here.

"Their alteration job was amazing! My mom loved it because it fitted her perfectly. Dry cleaning and other services were remarkable as well! I highly recommend this cleaner!"

​-Esther L. on Yelp- 

Alterations & Repairs

At Cloud 9 Cleaning we can alter and repair almost any garments from our expert tailor.

From lengthening to shortening of your favorite pants to a complete re-tailoring of a special suit or dress, we are here to help.Type your paragraph here.

Leather & Suede

Because leather items are often costly investments, proper professional care is essential.  We can make sure your leather continues to look its best.  

Dress Shirt Laundry

Don't spend your time ironing shirts.  We launder our shirts in the perfect temperature using custom detergents, add starch to your preference and press them for a perfect look every time.  You'll appreciate our wrinkle-free precision and fine finish

Wash & Fold

Now we are introducing Wash & Fold Service.

​$1.25 / pound

Household items

To make life easier, we also offer quality cleaning service for household items like: comforters, table linens, blankets, bed skirt, bedspreads, etc. 

we care for each garment as if its our own.  That is why we use state of the art technology to remove dirt and everyday odors from a variety of fabrics without affecting the color or causing undesirable shrinkage.  Every article of clothing goes through our detailed process, beginning with inspection, stain removal, cleaning, then final inspection and packaging.